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lost lake distillery

The Lost Lake. We grew around it, our ancestors, two generations behind remember it when it still had water. In winter it was often flooded and changing the level made it difficult for crops. People preferred hunting and fishing on the lake rather than cultivating. There was poverty, summer became a marshland and malaria mainly targeted young people. Hard times.


Nikolaos Zacharias, an employee of Lake copais Co Ltd since 1937, remembers all these and makes them a way of life. He creates the Winery in 1947 and later the 2nd Generation, Athanasios Zacharias, undertakes the modernization of the Winery. In 1999 Athanasio’s love for the art of distillation led him to the establishment of a modern distillery, from the first to the region of Voiotia. The Lost Lake Distillery.

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