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Our philosophy here on the Muses Estate is to make wines that are in perfect harmony with the ecosystem. Our aim is to maintain the balance, the complexity and love that are required in order to release the senses. Our vision is to produce wines that are representative of the Valley of Muses as well as the family itself.


Our vineyards lie on the slopes of the Valley of the Muses, at the foot of Mount Helicon, and are part of the greater vineyard of Viotia. Here, winemaking has a millennia-old history and wine is intimately connected with the local culture. Being part of this history, our family and Muses Estate count in total more than half a century of experience in vine growing and winemaking. During all this time, we have been motivated by our love for wine and our belief in certain basic principles, transferred from one generation to another.

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Our vineyards lie on the slopes of the Valley of the Muses. Here, winemaking has a millennia-old history and wine is intimately connected with local culture.

Focus on Greek varieties

We focus on grape varieties that have been adapted throughout the course of the centuries in the climate of our country and more specifically in the climate of the Valley of the Muses. Beside the international quality varietals, such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah, we grow the high-profile Assyrtiko, the aromatic Malagousia, the underrated Savatiano and, of course, the rare Mouhtaro, which grows only in the Valley of the Muses.

Quality in the vineyard and in the winery 

Our wines are made from grapes grown according to the principles of integrated viticulture. They are carefully picked from the vineyards of the Muses Estate and from selected contracted vineyards of the area. The idea is that you can make a bad wine from good grapes but you can never make a good wine from bad grapes. Therefore, after a strict selection in the vineyard, we choose only the best grapes in order to make our wines with the use of the modern equipment of our winery and according to the ISO 22000 and HACCP quality standards. 


In our effort for improvement our aim is to keep pace with the constant scientific and technological advances in vine growing and winemaking. At the same time, our desire is to express the history and be part of the winemaking tradition of the Valley of the Muses. In this way, balancing between tradition and modern winemaking, our activity, from the field until the bottle, is defined by a sense of artisanal care, which is expressed in all our wines.


Above all, what we wish to do in Muses Estate is to produce wines suitable for all tastes and perfect for every occasion.

Wines with character

The climate and the soil of the Valley of the Muses form a unique environment for vine growing. In Muses Estate, through our work in the vineyard and in the winery, we want to offer to the consumer a taste of this idyllic place. In other words, our aim is to close, in every bottle of our wines, the sun that ripens our grapes and the refreshing wind that helps them retain their acidity. To make what the French call terroir wines, and what we call wines with character and typicity.

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