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Muses Winery

The Muses Estate winery comprises temperature-controlled fermentation tanks of a total capacity of 1000 tons, bottling machines with a capacity of 3.000 bottles/hour, and a 10-ton pre-fermentation cold soaking tank, which is used for the extraction of more color and better aromas from our grapes. The whole winemaking process is controlled by the ISO 22000 and HACCP standards, and is managed with the aid of a customized ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system. The winery has a considerable production capacity of thousands of bottles yearly.


In Muses Estate our aim is to constantly upgrade our winery equipment and modernize its processes and infrastructure in order to keep pace with the continuous progress in winemaking.

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Our winery is located in the village of Askri, Viotia, in Central Greece near to the Valley of the Muses, at the same place since 1946.

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