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All our vineyards located in the Valley of the Muses, an area ideal for vine growing. Here, the climate is characterized by mild, wet winters and dry summers, with long periods of sunshine. The vineyards are located at an altitude between 450 and 520 m and have a slope between 5 and 10%. The vines are planted in rows with a North to South orientation, which allows good exposure to sunlight and helps the grapes to reach optimal phenolic ripeness and sugar concentration. At the same time, cold air currents coming down from Mount Helicon cool the vines and help the grapes to ripen slowly and retain their acidity. The soil is fertile, with mixed composition ranging from sandy loam to clay loam. Every year 1-1.5 hectares of new vines are planted with existing or new varieties for experimentation. Nowadays the vineyards that are cultivated are more than 50 hectares.

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The Muses Estate vineyards lie in many separate sites, like Touriki, Lahos and Vrousalia.

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