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Tours & Tastings

A typical guided tour begins with a welcome inside the winery, in Askri, Thivon, in the tasting room where a large monastic table is located. The minimum number to visit is 4 people and a maximum of 30 (under conditions we accept and up to 50 people simply modulate the program).

Initially, a full tour includes a small walk in the Valley of the Muses. The distance is 2'-3' by car from the winery. The first stop takes place outside the village and before we reach the Valley and see a nice game of nature: 3 mountains, one of which Elicon, form the face of a woman who is lying down. Then we find 2 towers, a Byzantine and the acropolis of the ancient Askris. Then we enter the valley where we see all the vines. There is a stop somewhere in the center of the valley, where we can see our own vines and a general picture of the valley.

We then proceed to the winery, where we discuss how the wine is produced. We are in the courtyard of the winery and we see a general picture of space and discuss the early stages of grape and must.

The course is then to enter the area where tanks and machines are kept, where we continue to talk about the final production of wine and some details such as ISO and HACCP quality assurance systems.

Then we head down to the wine cellar where we meet the barrels for the aging of red and white wines, as well as a decorated room with our first bottles of wine produced.

The guided tour ends with a return to the original wine tasting area where we go to see the modern bottling line.

At this point the wine tasting begins with the accompaniment of breadcrumbs or nuts of the region as well as with various local ones.

The tavern of the village is always available and is located in the village square and you can taste traditional dishes and of course local meat * 2.

Average guided tour is 1.5 hours. But it can be from 45 'to 3 hours depending on the interest and the mood of the world (without any of the extra options).

The tour is done by an Oenologist or Winery owner. Any action can be taken only upon prior arrangement.

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The visiting program varies according to the mood of the guests, the specialization, the day and the time that someone wants to make available to us.

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